Our Theory

You think your data is secure !?… Hell No!!

We believe that there is no completely secured system specially systems connected to the Internet.
We believe that there are many entities and governmental agencies are already invading privacy, claiming that this is for our own good !!
We believe that in order to reach maximum security it is a must to know what hackers do !! Yes you have to be one of them.
This is why Exploiters Zone provide some random thoughts for Hackers, Security professional and Penetration-testers.

and in case you don’t know yet about Hackers and Exploiters:

  • the Exploiters read
  • the Exploiters learn
  • the Exploiters try
  • the Exploiters build
  • the Exploiters change
  • the Exploiters teach
  • the Exploiters observe
  • the Exploiters explore
  • the Exploiters hack !


You’ll find here info about:

  • Some attack techniques and how to protect your data against those attacks to mitigate the risk as much as you can.
  • Some critical vulnerabilities and POC to how they are exploited and patched.
  • Some info related to open source products.
  • Some info about scripting.
  • ….and more security related stuff.

In the Exploiters Zone you’ll find stuff for newbies, scriptkiddies, professionals and real hackers

Enjoy and Exploit.. 😉